Recreation in a changing world, Beyond fun and fitness towards healing…

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Recreation in a changing world, Beyond fun and fitness towards healing and recovery, Philippines
*Recreation and Laughter leader qualification certificate *Recreation and Laughter leader

certificate Issuing Organization : World Recreation Educational Association(WREA)

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Qualification/Completion Course for Recreation and Laughter Leader Certificate

* Self-Confidence (I can do it), Fostering Leadership, Getting Rid of Depression and Stress, Maintaining Cheerful Personality
* Improving Professional Ability, Creating Jobs, 80% of CEO prefer "people who enjoy their lives"
* Improving Human Relationship, Improving Sociality, Increasing Mutual Affinities, Improving Volunteerism Spirit and Dignity
* Longevity Secrets of the era of 100 year olds, "Laughter Medicine- people in their 80s laugh 10 times more than those in their 60s
* Maximized effect of Training courses with videos and contents of vivid site training, explanation of practical technique, and theoretical background
* 20-30 specialists in each field have their own know-how
* Summary of site training courses for about 10 days can save time and expense and get effect just like the site training course * Possible to get the certificate within 5 days if applicants want it * Anyone over 15 years old can apply.
* Therapy Experts making use of recreation have selected the safest careers in the future
* Educational Program through physical, mental, emotional, and social activities, not a virtual internet game.
* Completion Certificate Course is the same program as Qualification Certificate Course, the Completion Certificate (no test) will be issued, not the Qualification Certificate